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Hello everyone

With sqlbits, Easter holidays and a bunch of other stuff i haven’t posted in a while, but I’m back!

Full disclosure, this is a sponsored post, but for a good cause, you’ll see in a minute.

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I like swag almost as much as Johnny Winter, and man there was a LOT of swag at sqlbits!

And among all the swag, there is a type of swag that every sponsor and plenty of attendees are into: stickers! Stickers are over the place. Many of the fellow attendees had also plenty of carefully curated collection of stickers on their laptops.

I have around 8 stickers so far on mine, very proud of each of them. The latest member is a sticker from Tabular Editor 3! But I have to confess that the one I’m most proud ofis the one of PUG Barcelona 😀

At PUG Barcelona we have a lively whatsapp group –285 members as of today– where the group exists everyday, so it’s not just the events. We share doubts and resources and we congratulate each other on new certifications or even new MVPs of the group (Mar Lizana just became the 6th current MVP of the group! along with Alex Ayala, Diana Aguilera, Iván Arribas, Ricardo Rincón and myself )

Coming back to the stickers… I have shared the super-short run of stickers I ordered at Stickermule with fellow organizers and I want to share similar stickers with those that come to speak at PUG Barcelona and ultimately, ALL members of PUG Barcelona

All these thoughts though go along with another thought… How am I going to pay for them? The super short run is one thing, but like my wallet, it does not scale. So when stickermule offered a nice amount of credit for a blog post with a link I thought it was an offer too good to pass. (Besides the link, the content of the blog post is completely free)

I did three-inch stickers and they look awesome but are a bit big for today’s laptops, so I think I’ll use the credit to create a bunch of two-inch stickers and give them out at PUG BARCELONA events.

If you want to speak at PUG Barcelona (either in-person or online) let me know! We’ll try to make it work, and if we do, you’ll get a sticker! Think about it!

And if you rather create your own stickers, follow this beautiful link!

–>> custom stickers <<–

Be good and take care!


The other day on the PUG Barcelona whatsapp group there was a question regarding the possibility of reversing the selection on a slicer, with a single click. Apparently this is something you can do on Qlik and the fellow member was trying to migrate that to Power BI as the users are used to be able to do it. I thought that you can get somewhat close to that with a calculation group, so why not write a nice short article on it. Let’s do it!

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This is a very recurring topic. You carefully build a dataset semantic model for each business process, and when it all looks good in your Power BI App, some top brass requests a top level summary with key visuals from pretty much all the different models. And they ask for it like for tomorrow. What is to be said? In this post I want to go over the different alternatives, each with pros and cons. Some with fewer pros than cons, but still. At the end I’ll present an alternative when the standard options don’t make the cut. Let’s get started.

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Hello! Today we leave PowerApps aside, but we head into yet another area way out of my confort zone: Programmatic creation and refresh of custom M Partitions! this is not something I really wanted to do, but I found myself with no other option available. Are you ready? Let’s do it. Continue Reading..


The other day I was watching a video from SQLBI and for the first time I had a surprising thought. I thought «Hey, I would not do it like this». In DAX as in other languages, there are some things that are just a matter of style, sometimes is more. Which case is this, is up to you. Today it’s not going to be super-long, I promise.

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Hello hello, it’s been a while since my last post because, well because… stuff, you know.

Anyway, today I want to talk about a solution I put together at one of my customers in order to orchestrate refreshes, so that dataset refresh once the precedent ETL jobs have successfully completed (never before that) and at the same time do not overwhelm the server. I’m sure that there are a thousand other ways to do it, but I have not seen many articles on «Dataset refresh orchestration with Power Automate» so I thought that could help others facing the same struggle. In this first part I’ll focus on the Power Automate side of things and I’ll leave the Power App for the second part. Let’s start:

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I know, it’s a terrible title, but it’s the best I could come up with. This blog post is to explain a workaround for a behavior I detected while playing with a field parameter (all measures) and a stacked column chart. The problem is as follows: If you have more than one measure in the chart, you can define a color for each measure and all works fine. However, if you filter your field parameter table in a way that only one measure is used in the chart, then that color is ignored and you get a default color. What’s even worse is that the same color will be used whenever a single measure is included, so you can’t even configure it again to get the right color. Fighting the same issue? Keep  reading!

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Today (well yesterday by the time I have finished writing this) saw a great use case of calculation groups and I wished I had come up with the idea myself because it’s awesome and something that I’ve come across sometimes. In a table there’s a breakdown by month, and at the total they want to see sum, but also want to add another column with say the average, but could be also the value last year or growth. Yes, I’m talking about the latest video from Chandeep Chabbra. The video is beautifully set up so it’s definitively worth a watch.

Even though there’s a few things I would change from the DAX of the format string expressions, that alone would not justify a blog post about the same use case. But yet I wanted to play with the calc group, so what I plan to do instead is to show you the process to «industrialize» this calculation group, i.e. how to create a script that will replicate similar logic whenever you want to use it. Yes, I mean a c# script. That’s something I’ve been doing lately in some sessions,  but it’s not yet in the blog so why not use this occasion for it.

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today I’m not writing any type of tutorial. I just want to share a weird behavior I have found in calculation groups, hoping that those that really know about the inner workings can help us comprehend why they behave like that. Calculation groups can be seen as groups of pairs of DAX expressions that replace measures and their format strings when they are in a filter context where they participate. There’s quite a few articles that explain calculation group precedence, but when a calculation item is applied, how are the values of SELECTEDMEASURE and SELECTEDMEASUREFORMATSTRING evaluated? are they the values and format string *before* anything is applied? What happens if we include SELECTEDMEASURE inside the format string expression or SELECTEDMEASUREFORMATSTRING inside the value expression? If your head is about to explode, you are not alone.

In the different posts of this blog I’ve reached different conclusions in different articles, so today I want to present two examples to deepen in this topic — during this process I hope to understand it more!

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In Power BI there are plenty of features to allow people discover content, but I don’t think it’s really useful. For once, with the exception of promoted & certified datasets, you only find what you have access to, and in many places access is given on a one-by-one basis. You ask for it, you get it and and you go on with your life, but you don’t know what you don’t know, and that can be limiting. Sometimes information is not shared because no one has bothered to share it (maybe because they don’t have role-based security groups). What if we could show a list all the apps that are out there and you could search simultaneously  in app name, app description, report name and report description? The link to the app allows you to request access. Sounds good? Let’s get started!

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