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Well, well, this is another article about C# Scripts. A topic that deserves much more attention than it’s getting. If you haven’t read my previous post, go do it right now because otherwise writing a c# script is a very frustrating experience. Not as much as building a Data Factory pipeline as a newbie, but almost.

If you have already programmed in other languages, many of this will be obvious, but anyway, is good to see how this applies to C# scripting for Tabular Editor. In this article we’ll talk about checking what is selected, checking what is in the model, interactions with the user and avoiding some of these interactions. Let’s get started!

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A few months back I wrote an article of what I thought would change the way I (and many more I thought) would write c# scripts from now on. In that article I explored the possiblity of creating a custom dll with all the classes and methods that would make my scripts shorter, more robust and more sophisticated all at once. The idea was cool but not quite convenient nor for development nor for distribution. However something good that came out of that is that my colleague showed me it was possible to have really good intellisense for Tabular Editor C# scripts inside Visual Studio! So even if you are not thinking about custom classes, you should definately be thinking on Visual Studio as your home for actual coding. Today I want to talk only on how to set it up so that it will not let you do anything that Tabular Editor 2 will not accept.

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