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Today (well yesterday by the time I have finished writing this) saw a great use case of calculation groups and I wished I had come up with the idea myself because it’s awesome and something that I’ve come across sometimes. In a table there’s a breakdown by month, and at the total they want to see sum, but also want to add another column with say the average, but could be also the value last year or growth. Yes, I’m talking about the latest video from Chandeep Chabbra. The video is beautifully set up so it’s definitively worth a watch.

Even though there’s a few things I would change from the DAX of the format string expressions, that alone would not justify a blog post about the same use case. But yet I wanted to play with the calc group, so what I plan to do instead is to show you the process to «industrialize» this calculation group, i.e. how to create a script that will replicate similar logic whenever you want to use it. Yes, I mean a c# script. That’s something I’ve been doing lately in some sessions,  but it’s not yet in the blog so why not use this occasion for it.

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Well, hello again. If you just got started with Tabular Editor scrips and programming in general, maybe today’s topic might be a bit too much, but if you either familiar with other programming or already know your way in c# scripts, then this will certainly become a valuable thing: in-script classes! I know it sounds scary and not something that you need, but if you want write awesome code and make your coding life better in general, they you need to pay attention: In-Script classes for Tabular Editor C# Scripts are a thing.

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A few months back I wrote an article of what I thought would change the way I (and many more I thought) would write c# scripts from now on. In that article I explored the possiblity of creating a custom dll with all the classes and methods that would make my scripts shorter, more robust and more sophisticated all at once. The idea was cool but not quite convenient nor for development nor for distribution. However something good that came out of that is that my colleague showed me it was possible to have really good intellisense for Tabular Editor C# scripts inside Visual Studio! So even if you are not thinking about custom classes, you should definately be thinking on Visual Studio as your home for actual coding. Today I want to talk only on how to set it up so that it will not let you do anything that Tabular Editor 2 will not accept.

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Is no secret that if you work daily with Power BI, you should be using Tabular Editor,  but if you are working with lots of different datasets you probably feel like you are doing the same thing over and over again. Then it’s time to bit the bullet and get your hands dirty with Tabular Editor scripts. If you do, don’t start with a blank sheet. Always copy from someone and build from there (that’s what I did!) — there are lots of great scripts out there. Maybe not tons, but certainly lots.

But anyway, once you get going with Tabular Editor C# scripts (now we need to specify if we are talking c# or DAX scripts) you may feel that you are repeating code, and as in any kind of programming, that’s not just a waste of time, it’s bad practice. So, today I’ll share how I’m starting to move my scripting to the next level, creating a custom DLL for Tabular Editor C# Scripts (never did that before!) and making use of intellisense by moving development (or at least the bulk of code typing) to Visual studio.

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