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Yep, today it’s reporting. Lately I’m trying to give some shape to the governance of an organization, and well, reports having a unified look it’s a good thing. At the very least for those supposed to be «Tier 1» or «The reports that really matter to top brass people». As with business logic, I’m all in when it’s about centralizing stuff in one place, and report themes are indeed this: a file that stores the default configuration for pretty much any setting of your visual objects, page and so on. However, Power BI Desktop does not really allow you to setup everything in the theme, and the alternatives were either editing a huge json file or using tools that were not quite up to the task until not long ago. This has changed and I’m completely addicted to the theme generator that Mike Carlo has put together in Powerbi.tips. IT’S AWESOME.

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Hello hello, I’m not writing that much lately due to spring break and a DAX training I’m teaching, but I think I have just enough time to explain a fun use case I found the other day at work. In Real Estate each asset can be in a bunch of different states, especially if there is litigation, squatters, repairs etc. So in this case they want to compare the latest snapshot with the snapshot of one week ago, and see how many assets they have in each state, but also in which state were they a week ago. Let’s get to it!

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