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This blog post is 90% SQL server and 10% Power BI, so if you are not into SQL Server (or relational databases in general) this might not apply to you. That being said, this blog post explains how to record the size of all tables in the server, and how to measure which tables are being used without enabling query-logging which can bring your server to a halt (or at least so I’ve been told by the DBA).

Some context, in one of my clients they do have most of the data that they manage in a SQL server with ODS replications of operational databases and a data warehouse where all serious reporting should be based. In that sense they have things pretty much sorted out if we compare them with companies that still do critical reporting based on excel files on a SharePoint. Yet, even having a very expensive server we often run into problems and space is always a problem. So we figured to do something about it.

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Hello hello, today is C# again. As you know I do like C# scripts for Tabular Editor, as they allow us to automate stuff around Editor, which in turn allow us to do things faster than in Power BI Desktop, so it’s like a super power on top of a super power. In my previous post on the topic, I talked about using a custom class to be able to reuse code, making your scripts, shorter to write, and more robust, as you can put all the bells and whistles once in you custom class and reuse forever. That approach is awesome, but it had still two remaining aspects preventing larger adoption. One is that the set up as a bit of a pain. And the other is that copying the code to tabular editor is not as fast as one would like. You need to select the code of the macro, then the custom class, then fix all the external references at the top, etc. Well, today I’ll talk about a repository that will allow you to start coding in almost no time, and a script that will copy any of the macros of your Visual Studio file *along with the custom class code* and even combining all the external references of both the macro and the custom class. How cool is that?!

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