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It’s a terrible title, but by the end I hope it makes sense

Today I had some spare time and I thought I would do some c# that is always good to keep your mind going.  The goal was to create a script that given a base measure, you can then specify a column and a new measure will be generated for each diferent value of the column, in a pattern like CALCULATE([Base Measure], tbl[Column] = Value1 ) and the same for value2, 3 etc of that same column.

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I’m always keep an eye open for potential new members of the Barcelona Power BI User Group. When I see a potential candidate I try to connect and get to know him/her. Today I was surprised that one of these unsuspected new members told me he was already using my script for Time Intelligence (yay!) and followed with a question on calc groups (double yay!). He was trying to build a KPI card which used a measure as the main KPI and wanted to use the previous year value as target, and was struggling to apply the calculation group just to the target one. I gave it some thought and I think the final set up might be useful to more people, so here I come.

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