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This may seem trivial, but it did not pop up in my head at first, so might be useful to somebody else.

In sales reports, there are lots of numbers. And if it’s a large company these numbers may be very large. So depending on the visual, the full number may be a bit too much, and having just thousands or millions is more than enough.

«Fear not», you will say, Power BI has this use case on it’s ‘done’ list and you can choose the display units from the format pane. Well. Maybe. But it’s so rigid.  I mean, if you don’t like whatever word or letter it shows for the unit, you’re stuck. You can’t change the display units without a suffix.  And if you configure power bi in catalan (who doesn’t? — just kidding, I use the English version), the «abbreviation» for (american) billions is something like

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