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As I continue my journey with calculation groups I realize that fewer and fewer people may be interested in what I write, but then I think, «so what?» So here I am.

My script to create a Time Intelligence Calculation Group based on definitions got a lot of attention (for my standards, anyway), so I kept on thinking if there’s anything that would go nice with it.

Indeed, in the latest iteration of the script, there are two measures that aim at providing some sort of dynamic labeling. «Label as Value Measure» is a measure that when in the scope of a Time Calculation of the calculation group, will show the appropriate label taking into account the filters on the date table. For instance, if you select YTD calculation item and year 2008, the measure will show «2008 YTD». And so on. (Label as Format String does the same but using the format string expression so it can be used as sort of dynamic axis labels if you want to place several calculations as the X-axis, but we’ll focus on «Label as Value Measure» which has more general applications)

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